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100% Premium Cashews – exclusively from handpicked producers and farms.

Our family-run company is importing and exporting cashews, pistachios, nuts and dried fruits for over 40 years.
Whether you need cashews for gastronomy, patisserie, food trade or industry: we deliver top quality quickly and reliably in the product variant your company requires.

Cashew kernels are often mistakenly called cashew nuts. However, they are a drupe and botanically belong to the group of nuts.

Cashews contain good, unsaturated fatty acids and are a valuable source of minerals. They are healthy, have a positive influence on heart health and can help improve cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.

And they taste so wonderfully delicious – whether simply as a snack, in desserts or exotic dishes.

Cashews / cashew kernels

Our cashew products

We are happy to deliver the following cashew varieties in the desired quality, quantity and packaging directly from our warehouse in Hamburg – in bulk quantities for further processing in your company or already as pre-packed products for your customers, according to your wishes:

  • Whole cashew kernels
  • Broken cashews
  • Cashew paste
  • Cashew cream
  • Conventional or organic quality
  • Natural
  • Roasted
  • Salted

Cashews roasted & salted

We are happy to take care of the roasting and salting process of your cashews, so we can deliver the goods to you ready-made according to your wishes.

Cashew kernels in premium quality

We are one of the leading specialists in Europe for cashews, nuts, pistachios and dried fruits.

✓ IFS & BIO certified.
✓ Hand-picked producers according to EU regulations.
✓ Strict control processes.

Zertifizierte Bio Pistazien, Nüsse und Trockenfrüchte von Jupiter Pistachios

Our services

  • Organic certification

  • Private label

  • Repacking in your desired packaging & labelling

  • Fast shipping

  • Transit warehouse in Hamburg, Germany

  • Customs clearance process

  • Marketing your products & sampling

  • Microbiological analyses

Premium nuts and dried fruits wholesaler
  • 40+ years of experience

  • Fast product availability

  • High quality products at fair prices

  • Companies from all over Europe are our satisfied customers

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