Organic pistachios, nuts & dried fruits

We believe in premium nuts and dried fruits. For this reason we only cooperate with carefully selected suppliers and farms.

Pistachios in Shell

(Conventional & Organic)

Pistachios were already cultivated in the Persian Empire more than 1,000 years ago and are rich in fibre and healthy fats. Today, the world’s largest cultivation areas are in Iran and the USA, from where we mainly get our pistachios.

  • Pistachios in shell
    • Natural open
    • Mechanical open
  • Pistachio kernels
    • With skin
    • Peeled
  • Chopped pistachios, grounded pistachios
  • Pistachio paste, pistachio cream
Walnuts Conventional & Organic

(Conventional & Organic)

Walnuts are characterised by their fine and mild taste and are a supplier of many vitamins, proteins and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

  • Walnut kernels
    • Whole walnut kernels
    • Walnut halves
    • Walnut quarters, broken walnut kernels
  • Chopped walnuts
  • Ground walnuts
  • Walnut paste
  • Walnut cream
Cashews Conventional & Organic

(Conventional & Organic)

Cashew kernels are often mistakenly called cashew nuts. However, they are a drupe and botanically belong to the group of nuts. Cashews are very healthy and a good source of minerals.

  • Cashews
    • Whole cashew kernels
    • Broken cashew kernels
  • Cashew paste
  • Cashew cream
Pecans Conventional & Organic

(Conventional & Organic)

The native peoples of North America already appreciated the nutritious pecan nut, which provides valuable and healthy nutrients like hardly any other nut and is rich in unsaturated fatty acids.

  • Pecan kernels
    • Whole pecan kernels
    • Halve pecan kernels
    • Broken pecan kernels
Raisins Conventional & Organic

(Conventional & Organic)

About 4,000 years ago, the delicious taste of dried grapes was discovered by chance. Today, sultanas are known for their natural sweetness and are a popular baking ingredient.

  • Sultana
  • Golden Raisins
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