Organic pistachios, nuts & dried fruits

We believe in premium nuts and dried fruits. For this reason we only cooperate with carefully selected suppliers and farms.

Pistachios in shell, natural or mechanical open by Jupiter Pistachios

Pistachios in shell

conventional or organic

  • Pistachios in shell
    • Natural open
    • Mechanical open
Pistachio kernels with skin by Jupiter Pistachios

Pistachio kernels

conventional or organic

  • Pistachio kernels
  • Whole pistachios with skin
Green pistachio kernels peeled by Jupiter Pistachios

Peeled pistachio kernels

conventional or organic

  • Pistachio kernels
  • Peeled pistachios
Chopped pistachios by Jupiter Pistachios

Chopped pistachios

conventional or organic

  • Chopped pistachio kernels
Creamy pistachio paste by Jupiter Pistachios

Pistachio paste

conventional or organic

  • Creamy pistachio paste
Cashews – whole cashew kernels by Jupiter Pistachios


conventional or organic

  • Cashews
    • Whole cashew kernels
    • Broken cashew kernels
  • Creamy cashew paste
Walnuts – whole walnut kernels by Jupiter Pistachios


conventional or organic

  • Walnut kernels
    • Whole walnut kernels
    • Walnut halves
    • Walnut quarters, broken walnut kernels
  • Chopped or ground walnuts